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Posted by RoboSeven - 13 days ago

How bout that? How's your 2019 going?

Aside from health issues and family drama, I'm having a really good year.

Despite my health setbacks I've lost a lot of weight, gone down several sizes, and I've run 4 5ks just this year.

I have a few more planned, and I hope to improve my run time.

I'm graduating soon with my Masters. Haven't decided if I'm going for my doctorate or not.

I haven't done any art this year! I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'm happier, and I use art as therapy? I'd really like to get some artwork done. At least some paintings, so I'm setting an artwork goal for this month.

I've been to the beach twice this summer, going back in a week or two.

I love the beach.


Planning a mountain trip this fall.

I hope you're all doing well.

Btw, I appreciate all the kind words that you sent me regarding my last blog and death in the family.

I'm not too good at appreciating people. I don't people very well.

But I mean it, thank you.

Love yall!


Posted by RoboSeven - March 24th, 2019

People keep asking you if you're ok and you keep saying yes but you know you aren't ok.

Being an introvert is worse because everyone wants to surround you in love and care, offering to help, offering to listen, asking to bring food by when really, truly all you want is just some silence.

But then the silence , when it does come is overwhelming.

And you're in this awful purgatory of needing someone to please help you because you are drowning, while at the same time, needing to be left alone.

I fought back tears for weeks. I didn't even cry when it happened, in that moment, because I was so relieved for her.

I cried the day before, when she held my hand tightly and begged me to please stop the pain and I'd already given her all the meds I could, so I just broke down and said through the tears how badly I wished I could. And that I was sorry.

Hospice was awful. They didnt make her comfortable. They didnt care.

I felt so helpless.

I didnt cry at the funeral at all. But sitting in her living room, which is no longer her living room, broke my heart. That house which had been alive with her spirit just hours before, felt silent and empty and foreign.

The permanence of death is what I struggle with most.

Our last moment was our last moment.

I'm glad I spent so much time with her

I still feel I could have done more.

I said I would have no regrets.

I have regrets.

Her two daughters who disowned her 2 years prior were not with her. We were. They posted pics on Facebook begging for attention and sympathy. My sister wiped the foam from her mouth and the blood from her nose after she died. They sent one of their kids to sneak pics of her in the coffin. I wish theyd seen her face as she passed. I wish that's what they saw.

I hope that stolen picture of their dead momma haunts them until they die.

I hope their stupid grudge that they refused to drop out of nothing more than pride eats at them for the rest of their lives.

Miserable cunts.

On top of all of this, I've had 3 different strands of the flu over the last 3 weeks. I've been to the hospital 4 times. I was hospitalized once for what they think was sepsis.

I just can't get better. My immune system is shot.

I have a pretty bad fever right now.

I've had insane dreams

Fever dreams

All the pain meds/nausea meds/allergy meds from my hospitalization gave me temporary amnesia. I can't remember that day at all.

I see messages with @FUNKbrs and @NekoMika but I don't remember sending them

Where am I right now?

My sister came to my house today. My niece tried to kill herself, overdose, took an entire bottle of sleeping pills.

Luckily it was a kind you can't really overdose on, so no permanent damage.... but she said she's going to keep trying. She won't eat or drink or sleep.

My niece used to live with me on and off. My sister had a drug problem, couldn't take care of her. Her dad hanged himself on Christmas morning in 2013

So I'm surrounded by death. It's everywhere.

I think my fever is breaking. I'm getting hot. I'm about to strip down.

Despite everything I'm so grateful. At least I had today.

At least I had yesterday.

Here's hoping for tomorrow.

Slightly related pic, slightly related video:




Posted by RoboSeven - March 13th, 2019

I need some time.

Thank you to those who have had kind words. You mean the world to me.

I love ya'll.


Posted by RoboSeven - February 6th, 2019

Hope everyone is having a fabulous February! Here's what I'm up to around here---join me!

♥️ I put Valentine cards in the mail! Please let me know if you never receive yours so I can check your address.

♥️ @alias and I are still giving away one supporter status, in honor of Valentine's Day

♥️ We're still looking for folks to work out with us in the work out thread, help us stay accountable!

♥️ We have a monthly writing contest going on over in the writing forum with @fro--- the theme is love and poetry, I'm halfway done with my entry!

♥️ @Jackho 's reading challenge is up and running---We're kind of a book club as well. This month's book is Good Omens.

♥️ and we've started a brand new weekly tradition---the album of the week---we'd just like to get more folks involved.

♥️ And we'd love to have you come hang out with us in the supporter forum. Please consider supporting newgrounds. It's only $25 a year. It gets rid of ads and keeps the place running.

Here are some Valentines for you. I love you all--- even the horrible people, I love you the most.

* hugs everyone tightly *


Here's the song I'm currently obsessed with, it's the same one I posted a few weeks ago. I'm still obsessed. Love the lyrics. Love the video.


Posted by RoboSeven - January 21st, 2019

V Day is coming, but good news! Valentine Cards are finished!

They’ll be going out this week!

@alias and I are giving away one free supporter status to folks in this Valentine contest

* We have a thread in the supporter lounge that says it’s for selfies, but it’s more of a lounge. If you are already a supporter, stop by and say hello. We’d love to have you.

If you’d like to be a supporter, here’s how to do so 

@NE-O-N is one of my favorite artists at the moment, his work is just fun

* and I’ve been having a lot of fun writing haikus with the folks over in the writing forum

Here is the song AND video I am currently obsessed with. Love the song. Love spaghetti westerns. Love everything about this. 


and here’s a love-themed meme that came up on my Pinterest and made me think about this stupid person I know






Posted by RoboSeven - January 6th, 2019

Valentine's Day is coming. It's too dangerous to go alone, take this---- a Valentine card from me!

Every year, I mail out Valentine's Day cards to the people who PM me their mailing address.

Some years there is a formal exchange on newgrounds, and I do that one too.


-PM me your mailing address

- It WILL be SFW. I just love you as a friend, sorry

- I'll draw a pic of something tailored to your personality

- It will not have my return address on this. If you were going to use this as a means to murder me, sorry. You'll have to murder me on your own time.

- Don't send me anything in return. I appreciate it, but it's not needed

Here's a meme I saw earlier and loved:



Here's the song I am currently obsessed with: 


I love all of you, even the asshats. 



Posted by RoboSeven - December 30th, 2018

This is gonna be a wall of text. If you make it to the end and pass a pop quiz, you get cookies!

2018 was probably the most difficult but most productive year of my entire life. I started the year by having a heart attack (no blockage, minor) and a nervous breakdown, slightly related to the heart attack and slightly related to losing my best friend of over a decade and getting my heart broken...metaphorically....my heart broke ALL the ways in January. It figured if it was going out, why not go ALL out.

One of the biggest lessons I learned this year was that I have ZERO control over other people and what they do, I can only control me and how I react. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

When everything thing fell apart in January, so did I. I canceled all my doctor's appointments. I stopped taking my heart medication. I started drinking. I started looking for a way out.
I even started writing "the letter."

He got to watch me fall apart. He got to see me at the absolute lowest I have ever been in my entire life. I could not go with grace.
He got to see me self destruct and crash.

In the spring, my cardiologist called me himself. He begged me to come back. He knew I wasn't on my meds. I hadn't gotten my prescriptions refilled.

With the encouragement and support of many friends, something inside me lit up, and I turned everything around. I made appointments with every doctor. I got back on my meds. I stopped drinking. I began a crusade of self-improvement
And made every day of my life about how I could help others and how I could treat those around me better.

I'm still suffering from the long-term effects of my actions and mistreatment of myself.
I cannot blame him.
He broke my heart.
But I didn't handle it the way a grown woman should have.
It is possible I have removed years from my life with the damage I have done to myself.
I have acknowledged this. I have learned from this. I am moving on as a stronger person.

So. I set several goals or resolutions in January of 2018. Let's see if I got any of that shit done.

GOAL 1 WAS: *I ran my first 5k this December, and while I finished and didn't die, I didn't place either. I want a shiny medal this year, so I am going to start my training NOW. I have my eye on a couple other 5k's as well. 
Well, the heart attack set me back on this one. I did do a color run 5k in June, which was a lot of fun. I finished but didn't place. This one will be going back on my list.

GOAL 2 WAS:* I am going to graduate school to get my Masters. Depending on how much I hate that or don't hate it, I might go for my PhD. I'll be 40 by time I finish, but. Yolo. Yall can call me Dr. Seven. 
Yes! Kinda--- I'm not finished, I have one year left, but I've got a 4.0 and my eyes on the prize.

GOAL 3 WAS:* I didn't think my art was really any good, but then I went to a function this month with 3 of my paintings, 5 pen and inks, and some hand painted ornaments. It all sold, fast. So I want to make more art this year as well. 
Yes! I sold $300 worth of art this year. Not bad for a side hobby.
I was frontpaged 3 times and was a winner in the Pit People contest--- very exciting! These were my 3 frontpaged entries.




And I got to participate in @ninjamuffin99 's Christmas Advent calendar which was beautiful. I'm so proud I got to be a part of that!


GOAL 4 WAS* I am writing a book. I'm not a writer, so we'll see where that goes. But I am finishing it, I am getting an agent, and I am submitting it. I might be rejected. But I'm doing it. 
Nope. I started the book. I wrote several chapters. But I found I was writing to get things out. And by mid-year, I was mentally in a better place. I didn't need to write more.
But maybe this means I should return to it now?

GOAL 5 WAS: * I have a lot of health issues, most of which are genetic, but honestly, for the last 3 months, I have been depressed and have not been taking care of myself AT ALL. I am taking back my health. 
DID I MAKE IT? sorta. I had to really hit rock bottom before I could get a grasp on this one. It took me awhile. It will be a goal this year too.

Ok. Here are my goals for this year!
1. Keep my 4.0 in grad school
2. Lose 30 more lbs. (I went down 4 jean sizes in 2018, I'd like to go down 2 more. )
- tone up as a side goal, because I lost so much weight, I need to do some toning!
3. Place in a 5k
4. Get MORE artwork frontpaged, do more paintings.....let's say 10 paintings this year
5. Pay off most of my credit cards. I did more retail therapy than I shoulda this year

I could go through and tag every person who was here for me this year but it'd take forever....I do wanna thank 4 people in particular and I hope no one is offended, but these 4 people took the brunt of my whining this year

@cast you were angry when I was angry and sad when I was sad. You listened. You tried to help in any way you could. You had my back 100% so I have yours. If you ever need to hide a body, I got you babe.

@aviewaskewed you listened to me when I was shaking and crying and hyperventilating and absolutely losing my damn mind and you never judged me for all of the mistakes I made--and I made a lot----, you just encouraged me to take care of me.

@proteas you were level headed and gave things to me straight. You were caring and kind but made sure I always looked at situations from both sides. You didn't allow me to attack anyone. You kept me from being bias or unfair. You used logic in your care and the way you helped me.
You're basically Spock.

@FUNKbrs you listened and offered mostly illegal solutions....but the key is you listened and while you don't do the "love" thing because you don't believe in it, I do know you cared enough to humor my bitching. I appreciate you more than you know. I'm not offering to hide a body for you because I know you'll take me up on it.
But when we do go eat bbq, it's on me and YES, I am absolutely coming to one of your shows

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
I love all of you, even the asshats.

Here's the song I am currently obsessed with:
I mean I'm pretty obsessed with Mat Kearney anyway.

And here's a pic of encouragement for anyone who's down. (I unapologetically love Emerson) Love yall.



Posted by RoboSeven - November 3rd, 2018

I finished Inktober, mostly finished the movie challenge, did some reading, and didn't die during a bunch of tornadoes

I've started a November fitness challenge as well. 

I've been playing the Fallout76 Beta, which I can't post specifics about, but playing solo is pretty damn hard, so if anyone on here plays and wants to add me, send me a PM. 

Here's all my inktober! I'm not as happy with what I put out this year, because I stayed so busy with grad school, some of my entries were more sketches. I hope to improve by next year. I did get an entry frontpaged though, and that was cool. 


Over Thanksgiving break, I'll be mailing out Christmas cards! PM me your address if you want a Christmas card! 

Here's the song I am currently obsessed with, and you get to see her nipples a lot in this video, so. yeah. 

Here's my inspirational quote for the month---you aren't lost. Not everyone has a destination in mind and that's fine. 




Ok, I love you all---yes, even you. 


Posted by RoboSeven - October 1st, 2018

October is here! 

This is a busy month around here, and I love it!

* If you're interested in scary movies, join the 31 days of horror challenge!!!

* If you want to read scary things, the reading challenge theme for this month is spooky books!

* We're working on a Halloween writing challenge!!!

* And my personal favorite--- INKTOBER!!!!-- Create a work of art every day in October! 

* If you're trying to lose weight like I am, we are doing SQUATOBER in the workout thread. We'd love to have you!

I'm participating in all of the above challenges because work and grad school weren't enough. I wanted to make sure I TRULY never sleep! Oh, I'm also working on a cosplay for Comicon next weekend. See? BUSY!

This is what I wait for all year. I live for autumn and my soul is 98% Halloween. 

This picture sums up my feelings better than I can :


If you've given me your address fairly recently, I'll be sending you a Halloween card this week! Each Halloween card comes adorned with beautiful Halloween stickers from Target. 



If your name isn't on this list, it simply means I misplaced your address, IT DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T LOVE YOU OK DON'T BE DRAMATIC---but do PM me with a mailing address if you'd like to be added to my mailing list. 

My next mailing will be Christmas cards!

Remember, you don't have to give a real name and anything I send is SFW etc so no one gets in any trouble.

Also, I've been sending cookies to malachy, aviewaskewed, proteas, skunkyfluffy, funkbrs, and zj for years now---they all still alive. 

These people have cards coming: @aviewaskewed  @malachy   @proteas   @skunkyfluffy  @FUNKbrs  @ZJ  @DamnedbyFate   @CyberDevil   @Deluca2400  @Adr3-N   @chris-the-stick2  @RealFaction  @billybobthwarten  @The-Great-One  @TomFulp  (sending to NG HQ)    @NekoMika   @augustana

@cast  if you should come by, I was not sure which address was still current darlin. HMU  and I'll hook you up with some candy because I didn't get your card out in time. 

Ok, here's the song I'm currently obsessed with: 


aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's your inspirational pic of the month: 



I love you all, even the asshats. 

Be careful out there.


Posted by RoboSeven - August 13th, 2018

So I do a lot of mailings. I send out goodies at Christmas. I send out cards for Valentines Day. I send out art. 

The only bad thing is, once I mail things to you guys, I lose your addresses, because they're in PMs, and I frequently have to delete PMs because my box is always full. 

Here are the people I currently have addresses for: 

@ZJ , @aviewaskewed , @malachy , @skunkyfluffy , @proteas , @FUNKbrs , @cast  

Everyone else, I was a crappy friend and I lost yours.  :-(  @NekoMika  @cyberdevil  @Quisty  @FoAngel @RealFaction


Please PM me your mailing address if you'd like to be added to my address book! You don't have to give me your real name. And I won't murder you. I've been sending things to avie/mal/proteas/skunky for years and they have not yet been murdered. 


ok here are some words of wisdom for your day/night: 




and here's the current song I'm obsessed with: 


Ok. My blood sugar is low. I haven't eaten in 9 hours. I'd better go do that.


I love you all, even the ass hats.


Hit your girl up if you need her.


<3 <3 <3